The Vineyard

At Quinta de Penhó, there are approximately 5 hectare of vineyard, half of which were planted in early 2018. Being located in the Vinho Verde region, we chose only native castes for our vineyard. We currently produce grapes from White Vinho Verde castes: Alvarinho, Arinto, Azal, Loureiro and Trajadura; as well as from Red Vinho Verde castes such as Vinhão. Our soils can be divided in three: granite, quartzite and schist that allows different wine profiles for the same grape and our vines are planted between 180m to 550m above sea level which originate different acidities.

We advocate that our grapegrowing and winemaking activities should be sustainable and environmentally responsible. We aim at a vineyard existing part of a healthy ecosystem where we grow our grapes following organic farming guidelines. Furthermore, at a time when climate change is no longer possible to ignore, we have directed our grape-growing to growing grapes without the need of irrigation methods and using dryland farming techniques.

We believe that a healthy ecosystem needs biodiversity, that is why next to our vineyard there is an orchard of more than 100 fruit and nut trees, as well as many other native tree species scattered around, such as oaks, cork oaks, planes, pines, olive trees among others, totalling more than 1.000 trees.

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