Our History

Idealized over a decade before becoming a reality, Pen'o Wines are the joint outcome of a need to contribute to a meaningful family legacy and a desire to return to the Moreira family roots. In 2017, Quinta de Penhó, a 15 hectare property located in the Vinho Verde region, in Northern Portugal, was acquired, adding to the family property in the same region. Quinta de Penhó had an existing 2 hectare of vineyard composed of four Vinho Verde native castes: Arinto, Alvarinho and Trajadura (white) and Vinhão (red). In early 2018, 3 hectare were added to the existing vineyard, by planting four grape castes, three white – Arinto, Azal and Loureiro – and one red – Vinhão. In 2020, 2 more hectare of the same castes will be planted.

We started producing wines in 2018 following a hiatus of 20 years in the family wine producing. The resulting wines were part of a small, but unique, batch of white, red and orange wines.

Our winery was installed in 2017 in an old house that was built by our family in the 18th century, preserving its 3-century-old granite mills where the pigeage still occurs. Our logo was inspired by the wood patterns of the century old winery door.

We believe that our grapes are our wines, so nothing is taken and nothing is added, apart a very low doses of sulfur to preserve what they are and their sense of place. Every wine is made with 2 days of maceration before pressing, foot pigeage, they ferment with indigenous yeasts only, after pressing they remain over the lees and no racking is performed to take them off, no bâttonage and no filtration, stabilization, collage or clarification is carried out. No products are used to correct the wine or to alter it. Everything else varies from wine to wine, but we take pride in all our wines and we try to make them better every year, starting at the vineyard, where our grapes grow.

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